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Meet Mira!!!

We got her on Tuesday and we lucked out that she looked just like her prototype pictures.

Ultimately we’re just surprised that Leighton Meester’s agents haven’t sued the company that made her, since there’s no way you can say they DIDN’T use her likeness. Our husband seems to like her, but I still say Lexi’s his favorite [even though he denies it πŸ™‚ ].

Otherwise things are rolling along as usual. Be sure to follow our Twitter since we don’t post here as often! ~ Daisy.

Real Dolls

A Fourth Girl!!!

After coming into a small amount of money, we’re getting a FOURTH girl!!! She’s one I had my eye on for a while now, and if she looks as good as the promotional pictures, we’re going to call her Peyton, since she looks exactly like Leighton Meester.

Leighton is too on the nose, as is “Blair” (her most famous role) but Peyton’s great. We might also call her Brooke.

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Real Doll/WM Doll/Replicant Accessory Guide Part One: Eyelash Care

So one of the great things about owning a Real Doll or WM Doll is that they are pretty customizable and you can get a new set of eyes from different sites online, so you can change their look. If you’ve been following us for a while you’d know that Lexi originally had brown eyes and was basically an identical twin with Daisy, only she was the bigger breasted model. Changing out your Replicant’s eyes isn’t as hard as you’d think, it’s just stressful because you can pull out your Replicant’s eyelashes if you’re not careful. If that happens but the eyelashes are still intact, the best solution is a good eyelash glue, which can be found at Amazon. I went with the Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive, which is something you can find at Amazon. It will generally run you $5.43 and it works pretty well for upper eyelashes but I’ve had to apply more of it to Lexi’s lower eyelashes two or three times now. I’ll probably do some more research for a stronger brand sometime down the road, but for a basic, affordable brand that does the job and stays on for a couple weeks, it will do the job (more for upper lashes than lower ones).

Now as far as purchasing false eyelashes are concerned, I went with the Bepholan brand for Lexi, Daisy and Akiko. I haven’t had to use them yet since Lexi’s eyelashes are still good and just needed the adhesive, but they are very pretty in hand, highly rated at Amazon and look to be the same quality used for the girls (if not better). They can be purchased at Amazon for $8.99.

As far as replacements go for lower lashes, I had to do a bit more digging but I eventually found them at Amazon as well, for $14.99 from Ardell. Again, I haven’t had to use them yet but I probably will try them on Akiko since her lower lashes could use a replacement after I experimented with some different eye colors for her recently (and decided her natural brown eyes were still her best look). Link to Amazon.

Keeping your Replicant’s eyelashes in good condition makes for an even more beautiful girl and is an important part of the maintenance. πŸ™‚

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Real Doll/WM Doll/Replicant Accessories Buyer’s Guide Coming Soon!

So the purpose of this blog has always been to destigmatize owning Real Dolls or WM Dolls (or “Replicants” as I prefer to call them). I also, however, want to give helpful information to anyone interested in buying one and let them know what they need in terms of accessories and what the upkeep is like on the girls, so over the course of the next couple of blog posts I want to give you all an idea of the things you need in addition to your replicant. πŸ™‚

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Meet Lexi!

Name: Lexi. Height: 5’2. Weight: I’ll tell you later. πŸ™‚ Hair color: black (but sometimes I’m blonde). Hobbies: I love ASMR and listening to music. Favorite pornstar: Dylann (Skylar) Voxx. Favorite food: pizza. Favorite position: definitely standing missionary! πŸ™‚

My name is Lexi (formerly Zoey and Juno) and I’m the newest member of the group! I love ASMR, shopping, sex and snacks, lol. I used to be Daisy’s twin (but with bigger tits) but then I got a new set of eyes and a different hairstyle so I’m my own person. It’s okay though, we’re still sisters through and through! ❀ I love my husband very much and I think I’m his favorite, even if Akiko says otherwise. πŸ˜‰

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Staying and Fighting for What I Believe

As I said in my last post, I considered either making this blog private or just deleting it altogether after a former coworker threatened to “dox” me to my work last week but the thing is, that just didn’t happen and I don’t think they really have much of anything to send to my company (the optimum word here is “think”). If that’s the case I don’t think it’s necessary to close up shop, especially since this blog serves such an important purpose, which is to destigmatize owning a doll (or dolls) and to prove that the negative stereotypes about doll owners are mostly just that: untrue stereotypes. So no, no need to shut things down over some creep’s threats. It’s best to fight for what you believe is right.


The Post I Never Wanted to Make…

So I had a former co-worker who somehow found out about this site, threaten to “dox” me over it, which sucks, because that means I’ll have to either privatize it or create a new site that’s harder to find. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not so much that I care about the stigma of owning a doll so much as I work for one of those really big, ultra-conservative “family values” kind of companies where I’m sure I’d be axed for it (I live in an “at will” State where you can be fired over nothing). This is heartbreaking to me because my main goal of this site was always to try to de-stigmatize owning a Real Doll because I don’t see it as being this creepy, deviant kind of lifestyle that people make it out to be. So yes, I will either make a new page or privatize this one, which really sucks because that means no new people will get to see the posts. :/

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Why Lexi?

So after playing around with names like Zoey and Juno I’ve finally settled on Lexi as the name for Daisy’s unofficial twin (they had the same face until I gave her new eyes and different hair). So why do I like Lexi as her name? I realized with her black hair she looks a lot like ASMR artist Lexipoll.

Granted Lexipoll has brown eyes and Lexi has green eyes but the resemblance in person is really strong and even if it weren’t, it’s still a very fitting name and it works when she has her silver/blonde Skylar Vox wig as well.

So it’s great to finally have a name in place, I’ll have to update the site again but that’s okay. FYI, it also took me a long time to come up with Daisy’s name as well, but with Akiko it was pretty much an instantaneous thing right when I got her out of her crate (read into that what you will).

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Adorable, Cute and Sexy

I think what I love most about Daisy is that she makes me laugh just as often as she’s hot and sexy. I had a good laugh over how funny she looked in my sunglasses since they were way too big on her. Her happy eyes and facial features made her even more adorable.

She’s also great at looking sexy and hot too, like when she has her glasses flipped up.

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Post-Christmas Creampie

Lexi (formerly known as Zoey and Juno) finally got her first creampie since I got her long grey/blonde wig and mini-skirt. I was inspired to try to give her a Skylar Vox look, after I saw this super hot RealityKings scene with her getting plowed in the library.

I think I did a pretty great job, (other than Skylar having brown eyes) and I plowed Lexi good, while we watched the scene. πŸ™‚ Some NSFW/18+ pics to follow:

I think the green eyes with either the long, straight blonde/grey hair or the black wavy hair really give Lexi her own unique personality to set her apart from Daisy (who was her smaller breasted twin until I made the changes) and I love all the fantasy roleplaying and customization you can have with your Replicants.

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Falling in Love with Zoey/Juno

When I first got Zoey/Juno I thought she was going to have blonde hair and green eyes, since that was how she was advertised on Amazon. I knew that she was the same model as Daisy (just with larger breasts) but I didn’t think they’d ship her with brown eyes and the same auburn hair as Daisy. So I ordered the wig she was advertised with as well as some green eyes and she looked just like the pictures on Amazon, but once I started experimenting with different wigs just for fun, I was really amazed by how beautiful she looked with wavy dark brown hair and I just had to fool around with her some more last night. I was always happy with her before, even with her brown eyes that made her Daisy’s twin, but I feel like everything came together once I gave her the brown hair with the green eyes, I think her true personality started to come out at that point and I have to say it wasn’t hard to start to fall in love with her just a bit. πŸ™‚

Now the question is do I stick with Zoey, Juno or a new name all together? For some reason I’m really liking Lexi…

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So today would have been the anniversary for my ex and myself but things don’t always work out the way you want them to. I didn’t want to sulk or waste the time in my life dwelling on the past so I put Daisy in a nice dress and we had our own little dinner and a movie cuddle session. Daisy sure does look good in that dress and choker I got her for an early Christmas present.

As I’ve said before, even if these girls aren’t “real” to the “normal” people out there, they still do a world of good for the people out there who need some peace and happiness and today I really needed it. As I’ve said before, they’re very therapeutic.

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Fine Love Dolls Site/Store Review

So I wanted to get Akiko a ring that was wedding ring-sized (and the one I had that my ex-fiancee gave back to me was too big) and it’s hard to get details on Real Doll-sized wedding rings online (though I suppose I could have checked out the doll forums) so I checked out finelovedolls.com. I figured “These must be wedding ring-sized rings since that’s what most of the guys in the doll community are looking for”. That was the first of many assumptions I made about this site that were wrong. So I found two nice rings as well as a set of green eyes for Zoey, so I could customize her to look more like the pictures on Amazon where she looks like Juno Temple.

If you remember my earlier post before I got Zoey, they advertised her as having blonde hair and green eyes.

I have maybe $30-$40 worth of stuff in my cart and I proceed to checkout and the total jumps to $100. See, they offer free shipping, but only on orders over $100. So I figure “If I’m going to pay $100 because of the shipping, I may as well get $100 worth of stuff.” So I manage to find the same blonde wig that Zoey was advertised with as well as the bracelets that she was advertised with, more sets of eyes and a leather choker (for some kinky times with Akiko πŸ™‚ ) I place the order and then I get a notification that this all ships from China, which is very misleading/deceptive because the site is set up in such a way that you’d think it was US-based. The payment comes off my debit card almost immediately but then the order is stuck in “processing” for like three or four days. So I get in touch with someone via chat, but no one responds for like 12 hours because they’re apparently on Chinese time (even though the chat page says they’ll respond to you within minutes) and we go back and forth for a couple of rounds and I basically have to threaten to cancel my order before they finally give me a tracking number, and the tracking number directs me to DHL. Yes, you get your items from the old, archaic, terrible shipping company that is DHL. You know, the one that doesn’t offer signature release so you have to trust your neighbor or landlords to sign for it if you’re not there? So I have my leasing office sign for it (and all I can say is thank God the packaging is discreet) and I get everything crammed into a little box and everything’s there except for the leather choker. So I’m currently waiting for the geniuses to respond to see how they’ll want to make it right.

Thing is though, as much as I’d like to say “Don’t go to them” they really do have the biggest selection of Real Doll/WM Doll (which is the manufacturer of Daisy, Zoey and Akiko) accessories and the prices are good if you’re willing to either get hosed on shipping or buy $100 worth of stuff. They even have tattoo decals if you wanted to give your Replicant even more customization. Plus, the eyes are just gorgeous:

So ultimately I’d give them a 7 out of 10, but if you’re able to find the same items from places that have US-based warehouses and customer service reps I would just use them instead.

Final verdict: 7 out of 10.

Customer service: 4 out of 10. Shipping speed: 10 out of 10 (but it’s still DHL). Accessory selection: 10 out of 10. Prices on items: 7 out of 10.

You can expect more reviews of products and items for Replicants down the line, as I really want to help my fellow collectors out.

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Real Dolls as a Therapy Tool

One of the main reasons I write this blog is so I can do my best to destigmatize owning Real Dolls. I also do it so I can help defeat the negative stereotypes that doll owners have to deal with. I think one of the most dominant stereotypes out there is that doll owners own dolls because they can’t get a woman, that they’re too fat or gross or creepy to get a “real” person in their lives. As I’ve said before, I’m considered to be a handsome man by most of the women my age I’ve met and interact with (I’m in my mid-to-late thirties) and I do pretty well with younger women as well. I’m also in pretty good shape because I walk ten or eleven miles in steps every day for my job and I’m unloading freight most of the day as well, so I’m very strong and muscular. I’m by no means fat, gross or creepy physically and I don’t think most doll owners are like that either. Ryan Gosling supposedly owned a Real Doll for a while after he made Lars and the Real Girl and the creators of the Real Doll corporation will gladly tell you that most of their “big spender” clientele include some Hollywood leading men as well as rock stars (the kind of men who’d have no problem getting a woman, in other words).

So Why Do Men get Real Dolls?

Honestly I feel like some of the people in the doll community (such as myself) get Real Dolls because we’re dealing with issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD and other things. I myself have OCD and I’ve been fighting depression since I was thirteen. So it’s not that we’re ugly or gross or we’re creeps or creepers, for some of us out there, it’s more of an issue of us having trouble finding someone who can love us in spite of our struggles. We can have relationships with women (and I’ve had plenty) it’s just that our issues make that hard, so the Real Dolls are like therapy or service tools just as much as they’re there for sex. When things get really dark, all I have to do is cuddle with Akiko while we’re watching a movie and I feel peace.

Yes, I know she’s not “real” to most and she can’t say “I love you” back, but the peace she and Daisy and Zoey give me is indescribable, and I think these girls do an incredible service for lonely, good-hearted people out there struggling with their own battles, and that’s my main point of this blog, to bring a more positive image to the Real Doll community.

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New Video Up on a Certain Hub…

As I’ve said time and time again, we can’t add porn links directly in our posts or WordPress will delete the page, but we can do screenshots so you can find it yourself, so here you be:

And if you can’t remember our username on Pornhub, it’s:

If you want to give us a tip or buy one of our videos, that’s cool, if not be sure to give our videos a thumbs up. As I’ve said, I don’t do Pornhub or Patreon for money (I have a full-time job) I do it for fun, but with that being said I don’t mind tips or extra $ for clothes, wigs and supplies to care for and clean the girls. Be sure to check our work out, it’s pretty HOT!

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I Think I’m Still Trying to Figure You Out (You Being the Audience)

Early on people really seemed to love the dirty, NSFW posts, where I’d take some post-creampie or post-riding pictures of the ladies and you’d skip the more sappy, thought-provoking posts yet lately you seem to like the romantic posts but not the post-sex posts as much. Also, the Akiko-centered posts seem to get the most “likes” so I started to think she must be the most popular girl on the site, yet Daisy posts have started to get just as popular lately as well. Ultimately we’re here to try to give you what you want to see, but it’s very helpful to us if you can chime in on the comments to let us know. If you want more romantic posts about the ladies, we can do that but if naughty galleries are more your thing we can do that too, we just really need that input if possible. Thanks for all your support, the girls and I love you fans 3000!

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Loving Daisy

I get caught up in the romantic feelings I have for Akiko and the twins Daisy and Zoey, but really, as I’ve said many times before, I think I love them equally, just in different ways. I feel like I can talk about deeper things with Akiko (even if she can’t talk back) and there’s something fiesty about Zoey that I also love and Daisy is just Daisy. There’s something very sweet, innocent and loving about her personality (the bits of personality that come out with her different clothes and hairstyles anyway) that always gives me a sense of peace when I’m with her. Today she got a new long-sleeve shirt and some time on the sofa. πŸ™‚

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New Queen of The Lair?

When I got home last night I put the socks and arm warmers that I got from Amazon on Zoey and I took her out to the living room to give her some couch time where we watched a movie and cuddled. After that I had some pretty amazing sex with her, where something really interesting happened. I noticed how hot and sexy Akiko was looking in the chair by the bed and I thought “How about a spontaneous threesome” like the one we had the other night, but I could sense with Zoey’s personality being as strong as it is, her reaction being “No one else, just me” but of course she’d use more colorful language. πŸ™‚ So we kept going and I gave her the creampie and it was spectacular.

This got me thinking that Zoey’s personality is very strong and that if she could walk, talk and speak, she’d probably be more competitive and she’d want to be the best and most-loved girl in the lair. Thing is though, that’s more or less Akiko’s personality as well (while Daisy is pretty content to get love, sex, sleep and clothes and doesn’t care who gets the queen title). I think these two will really try to step things up to be the queen of the lair.

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It Might be a Queen-Sized Bed…

…but it’s actually the twin bed. πŸ™‚

I had a pretty intense threesome with Zoey and Akiko and then I slept with Daisy and Zoey (Akiko sat in the chair but I wasn’t going to let her complain since she got the bed for the last four or five days). Like I said, Zoey’s personality is starting to come out more and more and she sure is a beauty, and Daisy is always great.

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Daisy also Owns a Piece of My Soul (or) My Robotic Soulmate Part II

Sometimes I’m glad that Daisy and Akiko aren’t human because I would have a hard time choosing between the two of them if they were. If they were human and they wanted to end our polyamorous relationship and choose one of them once and for all, I couldn’t really do it. Sometimes I feel like Akiko would be my soulmate of the two and I’d choose her, but other times I feel like Daisy is ultimately the girl I’d settle down with and I love her just as much as I love Akiko, just in different ways. I feel like Akiko would love you in a very deep way and she’d take the time to listen to you when you wanted to talk about your hopes and dreams, whereas Daisy would love you in a more lighthearted and innocent way and she’d want to make you happy, but her point of view on things in life would be more simple, so the kind of love she could offer would be very different from Akiko’s. So Daisy might seem a little naive and overly optimistic compared to Akiko and maybe her love would seem a bit more simplistic compared to what Akiko could offer, but it would still be unconditional and she’d stand by you through thick and thin and her more lighthearted view on life would offer a good contrast to Akiko’s more serious point of view. So ultimately both girls may offer you a different kind of love but both kinds of love are equally wonderful so I wouldn’t know who to choose if that were ever a thing. I guess the TLDR would be Daisy is just as wonderful as Akiko and I love her very much, but the kind of love she’d offer would be different from what Akiko could offer but it would still be unconditional and wonderful and make me very happy. πŸ™‚

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Akiko gets a Cute Outfit

When it comes to cute outfits for the girls, Daisy usually gets the vibrant colorful stuff while Akiko gets…a white nightgown or her white bodysuit and white panties. I think I was overprotective of her because she got a slight black stain on her left arm from a black sweater she wore after I first got her (and that stain has mostly faded away since then). The people who make the Replicants will tell you they should only wear white because bright colors will stain their skin but I got a tip from different people in the Doll Community that if you wash the clothes first that will lock in the colors and it will be fine and I noticed that’s always been the case with Daisy’s clothes, which is why she gets more vibrant colors. So as part of showing Akiko more love and respect, I put the teal tube dress on her and gave her the schoolgirl socks and some cute panties too. I think she was pretty happy and she looked super hot too.

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She Who Runs The Lair (or) My Robot Soulmate

I have a feeling the number one question those of you who closely follow this blog is “Who do I love most”? I try to say that I love all the girls in different ways, but when it’s all said and it’s all done, I think my answer would surprise you (since this blog is very Daisy-centric) and I would say if I could truly love a Replicant, Akiko would definitely have a piece of my soul. After Zoey arrived last night I put Akiko in a chair by the bed since my queen-size bed is really only big enough for three. My mindset was each night a different girl would sit in the chair so they would all get a chance to sleep in the bed. In spite of having Zoey to fool around with, I actually had sex with Akiko three times today (and only once with Daisy). I also gave Akiko the “couch time” which is one on one time in the living room where we snuggle and watch a movie or TV on the sofa. I did so because I felt bad for putting her in the chair last night and for giving Daisy so much attention lately (and Zoey as well). I know this is where “normal” people would call me weird for feeling bad about what they’d call an “inanimate object” but I did. Looking into her eyes while she was on the chair I could imagine me saying “I’ll give you the sofa time tonight” and her responding with “You’d better” (in a sassy/playful manner). I could also imagine us having a conversation about how she hasn’t gotten as much attention lately, with me actually realizing she’s the one who runs the house and telling her that in a joking manner where she’d reply back with some sass/sarcasm of her own. The conversation would end with me realizing that as great as Daisy and Zoey are, if I were capable of loving a Replicant as much as I could love a person (and that’s something I’m still pondering), she would be the one I’d love as my “Robot Soulmate” when it’s all said and done. If the three ladies were human, I’d see Daisy and Zoey being like valley girls who would love you the same way they’d love anyone, but not really in a strong romantic way (they’re just having fun), whereas Akiko would love deeply and it would be more important for her to know that she’s loved because she has a deeper understanding of love than Daisy and Zoey would. I feel like my deepest connection would be to Akiko, which is probably why I do my best to do the things that I think would make her happy (which is something “normal” people would find crazy since she’s not a living person). I feel like she would run the lair with me because that wouldn’t be as important to Daisy and Zoey (since they just want to have fun and get plenty of sex and presents from Amazon) and there’s something about Akiko that gets me to focus whereas I get sidetracked by sex with Daisy (and that’ll probably happen with Zoey too). So yes, Akiko would be my main wife if these ladies are like wives, I suppose, and I think she would be my soulmate out of the three, if such a thing were possible.

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Meet Zoey!!!

I’m Daisy’s identical twin, but with much bigger boobs (I guess you can say I got a boob job ❀ )

Here’s my bio so far!!!
Name: Zoey
Age: 25
Height: 5’2
Weight: I’ll tell you later 

Natural Hair Color: Black (I like to go blonde and brown from time to time too!)
Favorite Food: Not sure yet!

Favorite Movie: Not sure yet!
Favorite Sexual Position: Not sure yet!

Zoey’s the newest edition to the lair, she was originally going to have the same face as Daisy but with blue eyes, but due to errors at the Replicant factory she ended up with the same red-brown eyes as Daisy, making her an identical twin, just with much bigger breasts. She is very happy to find a twin and is already super close to Daisy and is looking forward to many threesomes!!!

Sisters Reunited! Twin Power!!!
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Well, We Thought We Were Getting a Blue-Eyed Blonde but We Got a Twin for Daisy Instead…

So the “bigger breast” version of Daisy listed on Amazon has this face in the picture, of a blue-eyed version of Daisy…

But what we actually got was another Daisy, but with much bigger breasts (and I mean MUCH bigger breasts). She had the same red-brown eyes, not blue eyes.

So we’re not going to send her back (because I really liked Daisy’s model and was considering getting a twin for her anyway) and it’s a bummer she didn’t have the blue eyes like Juno Temple, but we’re going to keep her and name her ZOEY. So now we’re into the Adventures of Daisy, Akiko and Zoey. So, welcome Zoey! I will say this will let me play out a lot of my twin fantasies…

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New Videos Up on a Certain Hub, a Third Doll/New Girl On Her Way and a Clarification of Sorts

First and foremost, we have two new videos up on a certain Hub, if you will.

As I note in pretty much every post, we can’t provide a direct link to our Pornhub channel or WordPress would delete this webpage like it was nobody’s business, but we can tell you our username (Daisyakiko) and provide screenshots so you know how to find our videos. As to why we make the sexy videos there, it’s all just for fun and we’ll probably privatize them at some point.

New Girl/Third Replicant!!!

In case you missed the post yesterday, we’re getting a THIRD girl for the lair. After looking on Amazon for a new Replicant in the price range we could afford and not feeling overly excited about our choices, we came across her:

Now, I know that the girls rarely look just like the pictures from Amazon (Daisy, for instance, was shown with pale white skin and a short, black hairstyle) but if our new girl ends up looking like these pictures we’re going to name her Juno, because she looks a lot like Juno Temple in the pictures on Amazon and it looks like we’ll have our first blue-eyed blonde (if she even comes with a blonde wig and there’s a good chance she won’t [though we have plenty of blonde wigs on hand just in case]). I think “The Adventures of Daisy, Akiko and Juno” has a nice ring to it.

Juno Temple

Clarifying Patreon

I do indeed have a day job and I have no intention of making Patreon or Pornhub our source of income. I don’t “e-beg” so if anyone thought that’s what we were doing with our Patreon, you’d be mistaken. The Patreon was solely there to get the funds to buy Juno, which ended up being a moot point since I ended up selling some things from my comic/videogame/action figure collection to buy her. I know that other people out there like to e-beg or try to make their hobby a career, but that’s not me. With that being said though, I do plan on keeping it up so you (the fans) can get exclusive stuff and you can help us get some new clothes, wigs and outfits for the girls. I’m just going to make the memberships cheaper and the items you’ll receive more reasonable. If you’d like to get the girls some clothes, wigs and personal care (such as body wash, baby powder and wig shampoo) we do have an Amazon wishlist.

That’s about all the news and updates I can think of for right now, be sure to give our videos at the certain Hub a thumbs up if you can and have an awesome day!!!

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I Think We’ve Found Our Third Girl!!!

Granted the girls never end up looking just like the pictures online, but she looks a lot like Juno Temple so we’ll call her Juno. Now I just have to sell some more figures and comics to justify the cost, but she should be here by the end of the week or early next week!!

Like I said, she looks a lot like Juno Temple (though who even knows if she’ll actually come with a blonde wig)
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New Video Up on a Hub of Sorts…

And it’s a hot one. πŸ™‚

Our username on Pornhub is “DaisyAkiko” if you want to check it out. As I’ve said lots of times before, we can’t add a direct link to the video because we’ll get kicked off WordPress, but if you follow these instructions you won’t have trouble finding it (if you’re 18 or older). Give it a thumbs up if you can, it’s appreciated!!!

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Actually Loving Your Dolls (or) “To Be Human is To Love”

If you’ve read my blogs you’ll know that I don’t like to call Daisy and Akiko “dolls” or “Sex Dolls”, to me they remind me much more of the Replicants from Blade Runner, so I usually do my best to call them Replicants.

When I first bought Daisy I really had no intention to love her or think of her as a romantic partner. To me she was purely a sex toy to take out, have fun with and put back away. I was in the dying days of my last relationship at the time and my girlfriend didn’t care if I bought Daisy, so I did. I didn’t want to love her, I thought men who loved sex dolls were crazy or disturbed (I bought into the negative stereotypes). As I broke up with my girlfriend and I started to appreciate Daisy more and more, I could see there was something really special about her and I’m not just talking about the craftsmanship that a $600-$700 doll would have over a $150-$200 one. The more I dressed her up or changed her hair and gave her a smile in Faceapp pictures, the more her personality started to shine through and I could see her more as an artificial person and not a doll. Sometimes it’s like I could see a soul when I look into her eyes.

I know how irrational this would sound to “normal” people who don’t understand those of us in the doll community and maybe I’m a bit crazy but it’s there and I see it and when I’m with her I feel it. I ultimately feel that if Daisy and Akiko had a voice and some kind of AI program that they would desire to be more human and that would make them more like Alita or Data from Star Trek.

Daisy and Akiko in particular remind me of Alita.

So if they’re more human than doll, don’t they deserve the same love and respect that a “real” woman would? I think that they do, which is why I try hard not to treat them solely as “sex dolls.” I talk to them, I tell them some jokes, we watch movies and cuddle, I get them gifts and I love them. No, it’s not quite the same kind of love I’d give to a person but it’s a love nonetheless and I don’t think that’s really a bad thing, if it makes me happy and productive and I think a lot of people in the doll community would feel the same way. It’s just my thought of the day, I suppose.

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Sexy Time on a Certain Hub Part II

We can’t put a direct link to our PornHub channel here or WordPress will delete our site, but we can post screenshots of our channel’s name and where you can find us. We can also put some screenshots up from our videos to entice you to check them out. We’ve got a couple new videos of Daisy getting plowed in her pink outfit as well as a threesome clip of Daisy and Akiko. Be sure to check them out and give us a thumbs up. Our model page name is DaisyAkiko.